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Find Used Manual Transmission Cars for Sale in Lafayette

If you’re looking for a more engaging driving experience on your West Lafayette commute, you may want to consider a used manual transmission car. There are relatively few new manual cars on the market, but you can find plenty of options in our used vehicle inventory at Auto Express — from certified pre-owned models to great buys priced under 15k.

What Are the Benefits of Used Manual Transmission Cars?

Manual cars can seem like a challenge if you learned to drive on an automatic, but many drivers swear by the unique experience of driving stick. There are other benefits, too — like easier maintenance and the opportunity for better fuel economy. Here are just a few reasons why some Indianapolis-area drivers opt for used manual cars:

  • Manual transmissions are simpler and easier to maintain than automatic transmissions — so even if something does go wrong, the cost to fix it will be less.
  • Engine oil deteriorates less quickly in a manual transmission, requiring fewer changes.
  • Unlike automatic transmissions, manual transmissions don’t use a torque converter and hydraulic pump. Depending on your skill with manual transmissions and the driving conditions in Crawfordsville, you may be able to boost efficiency beyond what would be possible with an automatic.
  • The lack of a torque converter also makes braking easier with a manual transmission.
  • Whether you buy a brand-new or used manual car, it’s likely to cost less than an automatic vehicle.
  • A better sense of the road surface, a sense of connection with your vehicle, and more fun!

All that said, there’s a definite learning curve to driving a manual transmission car. If you’re still relatively new to the manual driving experience, expect to stall out on your first few drives, and for the ride to be jerky until you get the hang of using the clutch and timing your shifts. As long as you’re patient with the learning process, you’ll soon be reaping the benefits.

Browse Our Selection of Used Manual Cars for Sale Near West Lafayette

Why shop with Auto Express for used manual transmission cars? We strive to make the car-buying process transparent and stress-free. Use our Online Shopper services to select your vehicle, explore payment options, apply for financing, and have your vehicle delivered right to your door in Attica. Contact us today to get started!

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