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How to Lift a Truck

2021 Ram Lifted Truck

Considering a lift for your truck? First, you’ll need to decide between lift kits and leveling kits. Both will raise the height of your truck body to increase ground clearance, but a lift kit provides a much more dramatic effect than a leveling kit. Join the Auto Express parts and service department to learn how to lift a truck, about the cost of lift kits vs. leveling kits, and the performance benefits you can expect from each.

Lift Kits vs. Leveling Kits: Cost & installation

So how do you lift a truck? Start by learning about your options and the cost of upgrades. The cost to lift a truck depends on the extent of the lift. Leveling kits are the most affordable type of lift kit because they involve raising the front end of the truck so that it’s level with the back. That’s in contrast to a full lift kit, which raises both ends and may involve changes to the bodywork and suspension. As you might expect, the overall cost for lift kits is higher than for leveling kits:

  • Leveling Kit – Mostly intended as an aesthetic upgrade, leveling kits tend to cost between $100 and $500 and take only a few hours to install.
  • Lift Kit – Much more extensive than leveling kits, lift kits typically cost $1,000 to $5,000 and take between 7 to 15 hours to install.

Benefits of Leveling Kits

Most pickups leave the factory with a rear end that sits higher than the front to counteract the weight of cargo. Leveling kits allow you to even out the difference between the front and rear suspension — but they can also be used for a minor lift if you’d like to make room for slightly larger tires. Benefits of leveling kits include:

  • If you’re confident in your DIY skills, you can even order leveling kits and other accessories from our parts department and install it yourself. Our team is happy to provide DIY tips for how to lift a truck!
  • Driving on rough and rocky terrain? A leveling kit can be used to protect your truck’s bumpers, exhaust, and running boards.
  • Leveling kits can also be used to even out the difference if heavy accessories like a winch are weighing down the back end of your truck.

Benefits of Lift Kits

A must-have for any serious off-road vehicle, a lift kit offers increased ground clearance, better traction, better shock absorption, and room for larger tires.

  • Lift kits refine your truck’s suspension to give you a smoother ride, and may even boost MPG.
  • The enhanced suspension of a lift kit will put less stress on your vehicle, leading to less wear and tear.
  • Less wear and tear is likely to result in lower maintenance costs and better resale value.
  • With a lift kit, you can raise your truck body by five inches or more.

Explore Lift Kits and Truck Accessories in Lafayette 

If you’ve decided how you’d like to upgrade, you may be wondering what steps to take next. So how do you lift your truck? First, contact our parts department or schedule service to start a conversation about your options. We’re happy to lay out the lift and leveling kits available for your pickup make and model, as well as any other accessories to customize your ride even further.

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