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How to Improve Fuel Economy with Vehicle Maintenance

Mechanic with clipboard for maintenance


If you want to buy a fuel-friendly vehicle at Auto Express, there’s no shortage of fantastic options in our inventory. But, did you know that you can improve your fuel economy in other ways? In this guide, we’ll teach you how to improve fuel economy with vehicle maintenance tasks and good driving habits. Just a few simple adjustments can have a huge impact on your annual fueling costs!

Optimize Fuel Economy with Maintenance Tasks

So, what types of maintenance tasks have the biggest effect on your mileage? You might be surprised by just how easy it is to optimize your fuel economy with a few simple steps:

  • Service Problems: Whether you have a “Check Engine” light or a squeaky set of brakes, fixing auto issues will help your car perform at its peak with less stress on the engine, which means better fuel economy.
  • Check Tires: Did you know that 60% of cars around West Lafayette and Indianapolis are underinflated? That can drop your fuel economy by up to 3%. Luckily, using a tire pressure gauge or your Tire Pressure Monitoring System can bring your tires back to peak efficiency.
  • Change Oil: Not only should you stick with the recommended oil change schedule, but you can also choose motor oil with energy-conserving properties or seasonal formulations (thicker formulas for the summer and thinner formulas for the winter).
  • Swap Filters: Clogged air filters can not only impact your fuel economy, but also your acceleration on the Crawfordsville roads. Keeping your air filters fresh can make a big difference on your mileage.

Optimize Fuel Economy with Driving Habits

Learning how to improve your fuel economy with vehicle maintenance is just one part of the package. You can also work toward better driving habits to optimize your fuel economy on every commute. This includes everything from lightening your car by decluttering the cabin, minimizing your idle time, and maintaining lower speeds. Take a look at our guide to fuel-efficient driving habits to find out how a more reserved driving style can help your mileage really soar. 

Learn More with Auto Express

Now you know how to improve your fuel economy with vehicle maintenance like a pro. Want to get more service tips and tricks from our experts? Feel free to contact us in Lafayette to learn more, or schedule your service today!


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