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How to Clean a Car Windshield Inside

Windshield wipers wiping raindrops

Keeping the inside of your car windshield clean is crucial for your visibility on the West Lafayette roads. If you’re unsure how to clean a car windshield inside, then the service team at Auto Express is here to help! First and foremost, gather the following supplies:

  • Microfiber towels
  • Glass cleaner
  • Rubbing alcohol

With these supplies handy, you’re prepared to follow our guide on how to clean a car windshield from the inside!

How to Clean Inside Car Windows

The exterior of car windows get clean with your average car wash, but you’ll want to know how to clean inside car windows for optimal visibility as you travel throughout the Indianapolis area. These steps are sure to point you in the right direction!

  • Wipe down the interior of the windshield with the microfiber cloth to remove any obvious dirt or grime.
  • Can you use Windex on car windows? Yes! Spray your preferred glass cleaner onto your microfiber cloth, and wipe the interior of the windshield again.
  • Apply rubbing alcohol to a clean microfiber towel, and wipe the interior of the windshield yet again. This will break down grease on the glass. 
  • As a final step, apply another round of glass cleaner for even better transparency.

Can You Use Windex on Car Windows?

Can you use Windex on car windows? As previously mentioned in our steps on how to clean inside car windows, you certainly can use Windex safely on car windows. Use caution with windows tinted by a third party, as well as around leather seats, because Windex may dry out or discolor leather.

Car Windshield Cleaning Tips

Do you still notice streaks or spots on your windshield? Consider these car windshield cleaning tips.

  • Make sure to use a microfiber cloth. It is less likely to leave streaks, and it won’t leave behind fibers like a paper towel might.
  • Use a reach-and-clean tool to access the corners of your windshield.
  • Use a circular motion when wiping down the windshield, followed by vertical wipes to remove streaks at the end.
  • As a reminder, this process can be used to clean all interior windows, not only the windshield.

Get More Car Care Tips from Auto Express

Get in touch with Auto Express for more car care tips from our automotive experts, including how to remove stickers from your car. Our goal is to help you take the best care possible of your vehicle!

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