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How to Be Fuel-Efficient When Driving

2021 Nissan Rogue driving down road

With gas prices being so high, you’re probably looking for ways to conserve gas as you go about your day. Fortunately, Auto Express has a selection of fuel-efficient used vehicles for sale right here in Lafayette. But there’s more you can do to maximize your car’s fuel economy. Below, you’ll find tips you can use to get the most out of your vehicle’s fuel economy ratings, so you can go further on less fuel. 

Ways Drivers Can Boost Their Fuel Economy on the Road

You can use the tips below anytime and anywhere, whether you’re commuting to work in West Lafayette or vacationing with your family. Keep the following pointers in mind to develop more fuel-efficient driving habits: 

  1. Accelerate Gradually: When accelerating from a standstill, gently press the pedal down and give the car about five seconds to reach 10 mph. You’ll use more fuel the harder you press the accelerator. 
  2. Anticipate Traffic: Stop-and-go traffic isn’t the best use for your car’s fuel. Plan your day around rush hour, if possible, and take shortcuts whenever you can so you’re not sitting in congested traffic. 
  3. Regulate Your Speed: Traveling at higher speeds requires more fuel than traveling at lower speeds. Try to keep your speed between 55 and 65 mph to conserve fuel (and to make sure you’re following the speed limit).
  4. Coast to a Stop: If you need to stop, look at the road ahead. If the coast is clear, take your foot off the gas pedal and let your car drift to a stop. How can you save fuel while driving on hills? Reduce your speed as you travel uphill, then use your car’s forward momentum to coast downhill. 
  5. Use AC at Highway Speeds: While it’s true that using the AC requires gas, it’s actually more efficient to use the AC at highway speeds than it is to roll down the windows. Traveling with open windows on the highway increases drag coefficient, which reduces fuel efficiency. 

Shop for a Fuel-Efficient Used Car in Lafayette

Looking to replace your current with a used vehicle that’s better on gas? Auto Express is your used car depot in Lafayette! Our vast used inventory is full of fuel-friendly vehicles, including hybrid options as well. Contact us online or call us at 765-477-7200 to schedule a test drive. And, if you want more car care advice, check out our service tips and tricks information hub to learn more! 


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