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What is Good Mileage On a Used Car?

Used cars on a lot

When you’re shopping for a used vehicle or used Jeep for sale near Indianapolis, while its physical and mechanical conditions are important, it’s also crucial to look at the automobile’s mileage. While drivers are oftentimes advised to avoid cars with over 100,000 miles on them, if a vehicle is well maintained it could still be a great purchase. Additional things to keep in mind when purchasing a used vehicle include its previous location(s), condition, and usage. Learn more with Auto Express as we go over the best way to shop for a used car in the West Lafayette area. Also, browse our inventory of used GMC vehicles and used Nissan for sale!

The Best Way to Shop for a Used Car

As you’re shopping for a used Chevrolet or used Toyota, in addition to its mileage, there are other important factors to keep in mind:

  • How often the vehicle is used: Good mileage for a used car can be very subjective. For instance, a car that has been driven 75,000 miles in a city with lots of stop and go traffic will deteriorate much quicker than one that has been driven 75,000 miles on an open highway. Be sure to obtain the previous owner’s driving history before purchasing.
  • Where the vehicle was previously located: A car’s previous location(s) can have a big impact on its condition. Vehicles that have been driven in a dry and warm climate endure less stress than vehicles are driven in a cold and wet climate.
  • The car’s physical and internal condition: Make sure to have a certified mechanic inspect the vehicle to determine if there are any issues that need fixing. From potential mechanical problems to rust, correcting these problems should be factored into your budget.
  • How well a vehicle has been maintained: If a vehicle has irregular service history, this could be an indicator of potential problems in the future. Check the car’s maintenance history to make sure it has received routine services like oil changes.

How to Choose a Used Car Based on Mileage

Many Crawfordsville shoppers often have the question, “what is good mileage on a used car?” While there’s no exact answer to this question, it’s best to consider how much mileage you’ll be expecting to get out of a used car. The typical driver averages about 12,000 miles per year, so you’ll want to consider this when comparing a vehicle’s mileage vs. a vehicle’s age.

Mileage vs. Age

Good mileage for a used car could mean that a newer vehicle with higher mileage may be in better condition and last longer than a lower-mileage older car. Be sure to take these factors into account when buying:

  • Cars that aren’t driven on a regular basis tend to have higher repair costs.
  • It’s better to opt for a vehicle that has a well-documented maintenance history, as opposed to a vehicle that hasn’t been taken care of over the years.
  • Vehicles with low mileage often cost more than vehicles with high mileage.

Shop for Used Vehicles at Auto Express Today!

Here at Auto Express, we offer a large inventory of used vehicles from sedans to trucks. While you’re browsing, take a look at our used vehicle specials as well as our vehicles priced under 15k and low mileage used cars. Learn more about our inventory of used Nissan and used Ford today. Have any additional questions about good mileage for a used car, how to trade in a car, or used car shopping in general? Contact us today and we’ll be happy to help!

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