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Are you interested in one of Auto Express’s used vehicles and thinking about applying for financing? While financing a car near West Lafayette may seem like a daunting task, our quick and easy finance application will help you get pre-approved in seconds, right from the comfort of home! All you need to do is complete the application’s required fields above, and once you’ve submitted all of the necessary components, you’ll receive a quick decision. If you have any questions, contact us and we’ll help you along the way!

Does Applying for Car Finance Affect Your Credit Rating?

When Indianapolis drivers decide to apply for finance, they often ask, “does applying for car finance affect your credit rating?” Ultimately, it depends on the timeframe within which you’re applying for the loan. While that timeframe may vary based on the credit scoring system, typically, applications submitted within a 14-day period will decrease the impact of inquiries on your credit score.

It’s always recommended to consult your credit report beforehand and take note of your credit score. As you apply for finance, your credit score will determine the type of interest rate that you’re offered. The higher the credit score, the lower the interest rate. On the other hand, if you have a lower credit score, this can result in a higher interest rate.

Finance Your Next Vehicle with Auto Express

When you’re ready to secure the keys to a used vehicle for sale near Crawfordsville, apply for financing with Auto Express. In addition to our large inventory of used automobiles, we also offer cars priced under 15k and used car specials so our customers can enjoy great savings. We also have additional online tools to help streamline the car-buying process:

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